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Started by deemery, February 27, 2024, 09:01:32 AM

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I realized last night the bug my wife gave me has symptoms that match the "Springfield Crud" I brought home from that train show a couple years ago.  Ugh.  I am feeling a bit better, hopefully I'll be recovered by the weekend for our forthcoming trip.

Yesterday I did prime the Merchants Row II brick parts, today if I generate enough steam, I'll prime the bay and other parts.  

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Morning all,

Hope you feel better soon Dave.

Just another workday on this end.  Meetings (won't miss 'em) on how we can work better across a large company.  Yada, yada, yada.  Nothing on the workbench front to report.  

Have a great one!
Bob Butts

There's a fine line between Hobby and Mental Illness.

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Morning All,

Starting out here in the high 50's and getting to 79F today.

Today I'll continue working on the kit but I still need to decide on the exterior colors.

Dave I hope you feel better.

I hope everyone has a good day.
Curt Webb
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Be careful with that "crud", Dave. It's symptoms match many of COVID's symptoms. Ask me how I know from this years trip with one immediately afterward to Timonium. Get better, anyway.
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Good morning.

Dave, Sorry to hear you're under the weather, wishing you a speedy recovery!

Working on finishing up the yard portion of the layout.  Seems like progress is taking far longer than I would have thought...

I hope everyone has a great day!



My wife has the "crud" also. It is now a good reason to avoid her and get to workbench.


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