Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Started by Zephyrus52246, April 03, 2024, 08:00:58 AM

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Morning all. 

We've had a lot of rain over the last 24 hours, which is good.  What isn't good is I have a dead sump pump.   >:(
No flooding, as there is a second sump pit whose pump is working.  Years ago I had a "basement water remedy" company put in two new pumps with battery back ups.  I had hoped they'd get better commercial pumps (later I found out the Zoellers are about the best), but they used the same kind and cost me $$$.   

I have a haircut appointment this morning, meeting my Doctor this afternoon and probably sump replacement in between. 



Morning All,

Busy morning at work, but maybe some time to work on layout later...

Choosing between unlimited mini-projects to do next:
-mock up styrofoam landforms to help visualize scenery
-start on coal loader...using Banta Little Creek Mine kit



Wow what wild winds went through, and the rain and no sun.

A cinnamon bun would go great now. Hmm.


Morning all,

Best of luck to you with the sump pump/water issues Jeff.  No sump pump here.  No basement either.  I miss having a basement.  The price one pays to live in sunny Florida.

Just another day doing the work think.  Those days are winding down.

Have a great one!
Bob Butts

There's a fine line between Hobby and Mental Illness.


Gregory P. DeMayo
General Construction Superintendent Emeritus
St. Louis & Denver Railroad
Longwood, FL


Apparently today's greeting is "Morning all."

I thought Greg had patented it, but with everyone else using it I think I'll be safe from any kind of patent infringement.

Rainy and very windy here, flood watch until Thursday evening.

I'll be working on a boxcar build or two today. Long way to go before either one is ready for the paint shop.  Having a couple on the bench means I have one to work on while the glue dries on the other one.

I hope everyone has a great day (and Jeff gets his sump pump replaced).


Today's accomplishment was driving to a Volvo dealer to get a replacement rim.  Apparently a customer ordered 2, but only took 1, so that's why this dealer had the part in stock (not something they usually carry.)  Even the parts guy was surprised at the $820 cost (and I figure that's why the other customer only took 1.)  In a couple minutes, I'go "on-air" for my talk to the local retirees group (on Falaise Gap battle at the end of Normandy campaign, 1944.)  Then I'll probably have to take the wife to the tire place to pick up her car after they install the tire on the new rim.  Tomorrow's PT appointment was cancelled because of weather, that's A Good Thing -if- we don't lose power.  We'll see what we actually get, forecasts are for rain-some snow-rain, but one forecast says "it'll be all snow, expect 20" on the ground."  All-snow would be better than ice!  Plus winds up to 50mph...  A classic Nor'Easter.  
Current project... I added some window treatments, I need to find my package of City Classics curtains and add some more.  Then I'll work on the building to the left of this one.

Modeling the Northeast in the 1890s - because the little voices told me to


The building looks great in place Dave..... 8)
Gregory P. DeMayo
General Construction Superintendent Emeritus
St. Louis & Denver Railroad
Longwood, FL

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