The Cave at Kreepy Creek

Started by DaveInTheHat, September 28, 2014, 03:32:28 PM

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A recently uprooted tree along Kreepy Creek outside of Davetown revealed the entrance to a prehistoric cave. Archaeologists are still trying to interpret the unusual cave paintings. One painting shows people and a dinosaur. Another one shows what appears to be a person floating on the water with birds. There are images of what looks like things in the night sky and people cooking over a fire and three men in strange clothing. At the end of the cave is a painting that looks very similar to Davehenge. A survey team concluded that the end of the cave is directly under the center of Davehenge.
Earl and Ed got special permission from the Davetown Historical Society to visit the cave.




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Very cool! Did they find and evidence of early model railroading?
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Love it!

I have something similar planned using ancient D&D wall castings that I picked up at a hobby shop closing sale.
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Thanks guys. I made the shape for the cave out of pink styrofoam. I chopped up some paper towels with my food processor and mixed it with plaster then added a mix of Elmer's glue and water until it got to the right constancy. I smeared it around on the foam until it started looking the way I wanted it and then painted it. Worked out pretty good. I'm going to use it again on some other stuff.

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