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This structure would fit in many downtown areas.
Thanks for the good news!
Good morning, all. Wishing you the best outcome, Tom.  It's sunny and above freezing on the NH seacoast now, but snow is forecast for overnight and tomorrow.  I have some animal and household chores before I do any layout work, but I have chosen my next project: position indications on my hidden staging tracks using one of Rob Paisley's 8-sensor photocell boards.
Good morning, all, I'm looking at the same weather as Dave, which is expected to persist through Sunday before it gets below freezing again.
If any of you are interested in the upcoming Eastern Seaboard Models  HO scale 40 foot insulated/heated "State of Maine" boxcars, the NHRHTA is accepting pre-orders at $67.95 plus shipping (MSRP $84.50) until January 15.  NHRHTA doesn't have the flyer on the web but I've scanned it and will email on request.  Disclaimer: I'm an NHRHTA member and approve of their mission but get no financial benefit.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Christmas Day, 2021
December 25, 2021, 12:53:44 PM
Merry Christmas from the NH Seacoast.  After getting milk in this morning's freezing rain, I helped my kid with his 2nd batch of Boston Steamed Brown Bread.  We'll take it to my daughter's for dinner this evening.
Still following along.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: RailRoad Forums
December 22, 2021, 08:36:41 PM
I had been logging in to KitForums (Jamie's link) a couple of times a year and posting something in hopes it wouldn't be flagged as completely inactive.  I'm sad to see it's now been deleted.  The crew who made Jimmy D. the offer he couldn't refuse turned out to be complete business bozos; I hope it was their own money they lost and not somebody else's.
A "run late" order would need to go to every train in the area and time period it affected.
Nice work, Eric.
Dave, regarding the freight running ahead of a late first class train: The underlying rule (86 in my old B&M book) says lower class trains must clear superior trains in the same direction by 5 minutes. Dispatchers, knowing a superior train was late, might issue an order to the superior train "#7 run 30 minutes late Auburndale to Jacksonville".  This would allow a freight to run ahead of #7, as long as they stayed more than 5 minutes ahead of #7's re-scheduled time at each station.  Should the freight get delayed between sidings, the rear-end crew was to drop burning 5 min. red/5 min. yellow fusees to warn following trains. I'd have expected Conductor Millstone to get the blame, as he was supposed to be aware of exactly where his freight was relative to the Floridian and direct the caboose crew appropriately. Many would drop the fusees themselves because they were most visible/reliable if the spike stuck in a tie and held them upright). Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances.
I re-worked the driver springing in a 70s AHM (Gem reject) B&M/L&HR 4-8-2. I also added centering force springs for both the lead and trailing trucks.  The loco didn't seem terribly out of balance, so I didn't add weight.  The old MR review (and later writings by others) of the PFM B&M A-41f 4-4-0 say it's way out of balance. Performance got worse when the manufacturer's boiler weight was installed, because it was all over the lead truck.  Not sure exactly what I'll do, but it's on the list.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Sunday August 1, 2021
August 01, 2021, 10:20:04 AM
Good morning, all.  The NH seacoast was cool overnight but our morning is forecast to be sunny.  Last night I put a couple more layouts on the NER Mill City 21 website.  One is an HOn3 modular reproduction of the Boston, Reverre Beach & Lynn in 1895.  12 feet of selectively compressed Lynn, MA are presently at the Lynn Museum, the next three (Saugus River crossing) are in progress at the builder's studio.  The way I had to do the site to work on both computers and phones, I can't link directly to the B,RB&L page, but go here and click the B,RB&L link:

The Lynn Museum site has several videos where the builder (who doesn't seem to be a lifelong modeler) describes the history he's showing.
IIRC the Just Plug system uses JST 2.54 mm connectors (notes on RR-Line, maybe I'll see them again someday).  Parts can be gotten from DigiKey and others, connectors assembled with wires from Amazon or WeHonest. Roomettes says their light boards are compatible with Just Plug. When I used the connectors to hook a Roomette unit to 12 VDC it was pretty bright, but hasn't failed to date.  One of these days I'll try adding resistors to dim it down.
An alternative is what you'll find by searching for "in-line zip cord switch".   Keep in mind that zip cord/lamp cord plastic, at least as it was in the past, eventually dried out and hardened.  If hardened cord is flexed, the insulation can crack right off.

I'm using 14 gauge 'automotive zip cord' for low voltage circuits, which include my LED light strips.  My 110 VAC circuits are all Romex (flat) or BX (round armored) cable.
Good morning, all.  The NH seacoast is showery all day.  The rain isn't supposed to be intense, but still glad I cleaned my downspouts yesterday. Once I finish some work for the NER Mill City 21 convention, I'll spend the rest of the day modeling.  First up is airbrushing houses my wife has built.
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