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Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Monday, July 5
July 05, 2021, 07:06:43 AM
Holiday observed for the working people.  Just another day for us retirees.  Things do change when one retires.

Lovely morning in SE PA. Warmer weather with humidity gradually returning.  Baseball season at the halfway point.  Pro football camps will get rolling in another week or two.

Looks like my email got hacked yesterday.  Heard from many about "my" plea for some kind of game cards for a niece I don't have.  Any advice?

I'm wanting to kitbash a structure I started assembling almost 50 years ago.  It's partially done and I didn't have the insight then I have now.  I'd like to bash it with some other plastic structures.  Problem is, back then, it was glued to the base that plastic structures have.  I need to remove it from the base.

I believe I used a Testor's adhesive...the one with the brush cap.  I've cleaned off 50 years of grime.  Sure changed color. 

So, can you all think back and advise how to loosen the adhesive holding it to the base?  I know I can try to use more of the same adhesive to soften the existing bond such that the bond can be broken.   Any other ideas? 

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / April 1, No Foolin'
April 01, 2021, 06:41:35 AM
Here it is!  Opening Day of baseball season.

And there's snow (no accumulation) in the forecast later today.

Up early (for me anymore) to get the puppy out and about.  He went back to sleep.  I really kept him moving yesterday and wore him out. He even decided to splash through the water that rose through the pool cover.  Apparently not too cold.

More of same for a couple days.

Everyone else can focus on other chores and diversions.  Be safe doing it.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Sunday, March 7
March 07, 2021, 06:48:35 AM
First week of March is about done.  One more week of standard time.

Clear and chilly in SE PA this AM.

Made a lot of progress yesterday dismantling my friend's layout.  Sad thing.  Amazing how he designed and constructed his benchwork, especially around the oil tank. 

Relaxing day here planned, even though heater not igniting.  Playing waiting game with plumber/heating man.  Thank goodness we have backup heat pumps that are still efficient with these lower temps.

Stay warm....better days coming for us folks in the higher latitudes.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Vehicles
March 01, 2021, 08:28:44 AM
I'm working with a couple of modelers to dismantle and dispose (sell off) a deceased friend's layout for his widow. He had numerous cars and trucks of course.  His era was early/mid 50's, so the span of cars and trucks covered the 20's to the 50's. 

I've grouped the collection by decade.  The items from the 20's are all assembled plastic and wood models, painted and with some trim paint as necessary (lights, chrome).  I would think modelers doing or having layouts from that ear would be interested in acquiring some of the cars and such.

The vehicles out of the 30's and 40's appear to be a lot of the Dick Tracy collection that came out when the movie was in vogue. Also some straight job trucks including a couple REX.

The 50's are an accumulation from various marketers, but there are a good percentage of CMV items. Lots of pickups.

Question is, need some pricing guidance.  I've noted some comments on this site now and then regarding vehicles for the 20's, so I'm thinking members would have some ideas as to what they might be worth, much less if there's any market at all. 

I simply am lost in so far as doing what is needed to be able to post photos here (or any other site).  I can send photos via email though.

Hi, all.

Late start for the thread today.

Some ice came during the night, staying put this morning.

Be cautious out there.  Most of the country experiencing bad weather.  No more football to watch, so keep busy.

Kit Building / Kitbashing Fundamentals
June 07, 2018, 03:40:37 PM
Just about all who post on this wonderful site work with wood kits. I've not advanced to that point as yet, still working with plastic.

I've always been intrigued with the kit-bash aspect for structures be it making one standard structure larger by using two or three kits, or "expanding" one structure by making an addition using another different  kit.

The magazines and books talk about "looking at the parts as ingredients for a unique structure." I can do some of that.  But right now, I'm more comfortable with the above paragraph aspect of the discipline.

But what I need to know from the members here who I feel have been down that path, is some in's and out's for blending the parts.  Things like window height when laying out walls, wall heights themselves and the accompanying mating of the sections so they match up nicely. Roof lines would be another challenge I can use some insight on.

The articles from Art Curren over the years feature a lot of trimming, filling, and grafting blank sheet cuts. No wonder people have developed scratch building skills. Not much more effort it seems. Anyway, if you've been down this road, any thoughts you can share about this designing process are welcome.

In particular, I'm pondering taking several of the "Superior Bakery" kits to make a larger edition of that design and then show an add-on using Walthers Paragon Plumbing which is one of their modular offerings. The wall sections are different heights which may not be a giant problem being this will be an add-on rather than a blend.

Another kit source I've been intrigued with also goes back in time: the Life Like Belvedere Hotel. It's easy to make it higher, but not wider. Suggestions to that end would be helpful.

And just so you know, I'm working in N.
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