The M-K & Eastern RR, a layout made of dioramas, sort of....

Started by Graffen, May 18, 2017, 10:30:07 AM

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Thanks for sharing. I'm a structure/diorama guy and I love the job you did on your structures! I too built the Bates house!!! I have a side interest and would like to model haunted house type structures. Please keep posting as you are able! Oh, that is an awesome backdrop.


Quote from: bparrish on February 21, 2018, 02:59:55 AM

Great photos........... Where in Sweden are you located/

I am always interested in modelers who want to model western US.

Thanks! I'm in Skåne, in the very South of Sweden.
I live in a town that recently celebrated its 875:th birthday (When it got its town rights).
It was however settled in the 9:th century.
We had a monastery between 1080-1680 and our church was originally from 1100, but was rebuilt 1857 after a big fire.


A lot of nice structures you have built and I can see from the beginning photos this is going to be a great layout.
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Mark Dalrymple

Looking good, Graffen.

I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.  It looks like a very cool adventure coming your way!

Cheers, mark.


Let there be light!
First LED strip in place in the train room.
There'll be double rows, the other angled 20 degrees to the wall.
Fill lighting will be with LED spotlights.
Can be okay in the end.

The switched power supplies I use are from Mean well, 12 V and 18 Amps.
They are adjustable between 11.4 V and 12.2 V.

The LED strips are rated at 12 Watt per metre and are 5 metres in length.
4800 K in temperature.


Will you be using a ceiling valance above the layout to confine the led's to the layout itself? I looked at led's years back as well as a valance but just never made the move toward the setup.
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Yes, the valance will be 2' down from the ceiling, putting the underside of it 78" over the floor.


Installed the second LED strip today.

The light level will probably be okay when I can install the outer LED strips as well.

I have to build the valance first, so it'll be in the right places.

My plan is to have the valance about 2-3" outside of the layouts edge.

The LED strips has a 40° light angle and will be mounted 20° inward so it will light straight down at the front, and towards the backdrop.


Started the backdrop painting. One wall is sky painted with clouds.
The backdrop is 60' long and 4'6" tall. I use regular wall paints.
I will wait a bit to paint the landscape until after I've started the benchwork.



Great job on the backdrop. The clouds look fantastic.

Tom ;D
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I love photo's, don't we all.


Hey Graffen:

I agree With Tom on the backdrop and the clouds. Great job.



You did a fine job on the backdrop, for some reason I could never get the hand of poofy clouds.
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I have started the benchwork.

It's 1/2" construction Plywood that I had the lumber yard rip for me in 5" widths.

I have glued and nailed the modules together.

The longest sections will be 8' and no one wider than 2'.

That will make it easier to move if needed.

This is the first two sections:

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