The M-K & Eastern RR, a layout made of dioramas, sort of....

Started by Graffen, May 18, 2017, 10:30:07 AM

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Beautiful job on the models and backdrop. I recall seeing your models on an earlier post. They will be awesome on the layout. You are making great progress. I really like the curved corners. Keep up the great work and more pics please.

Frank / Erieman


Finally some creature comforts.
Carpet laid and trim installed.

It made the room much more comfortable.



The first benchwork is up. The plywood construction makes it both light and strong.

And here is about a third of the benchwork up:

I selected to use 2x2 standing legs because if I'd used wall mounted brackets, it would have been difficult to match the wall studs.
In any case it's very sturdy. 😀



Decisions, decisions...

I'm planning the subroadbed, and the stations, yards etc. will have 3/4" plywood. But what about the lines then?

I haven't decided yet if I should use spline or ply subroadbed.

If I should build with spline, should it be 3/4" x 1/4" pine, or 1/4" hardboard?

How to fasten it on the risers? And how should the risers be constructed?

Any thoughts on this?


Modeling the Northeast in the 1890s - because the little voices told me to


Nice progress Graffen.....I going to toss your name into the mix for the "Really Neat Modeler of The Month" award. Any seconds out there?  ;D
Gregory P. DeMayo
General Construction Superintendent Emeritus
St. Louis & Denver Railroad
Longwood, FL


Some more progress on the layout.

Almost 80% of the benchwork is ready. The ones left to do are the curve sections.

I've also added the first 5/8" plywood roadbed.

I will use plywood roadbed on the stations and yards. The inclines and upper tracks will be spline roadbed.

Spline raw material made from1/4" MDF that I sawed into 1" strips.

Tracks and turnouts. I laid out some Peco turnouts to make sure the roadbed will fit the plan.

Laser cut sweep sticks for HOn3. These are invaluable!

I got these made by a friend in the US.

It might be possible to lay the first tracks this weekend.


Some more progress today.
I've glued the cork. It's standard HO cork that I cut off a 6 mm (1/4") wide strip to make it fit HOn3 (16.5mm - 10.5mm = 6mm).
Now I have to order more cork .... I need about 40-50 yards.
I've begun on the Spline roadbed.
I'm gluing it with "No more nails" from Pattex on cartridge (I guess it's like liquid nails?).
The splines are 6 mm (1/4") MDF, which is cut in 25 mm (1") wide strips.
There is a need for huge amount of clamps though. Have to find some more, I know I have some...
Time to make all the curved and Y-turnouts as well.


More progress. I've finished about 2/3s of the subroadbeds.

I had to check my inclines to keep them under 2%.


Hi Graffen,

Your benchwork looks great.  YOu have done a fine carpentry job.  As I found out on my own layout, Spline subroadbed is the greates and it goes farely fast.
Steve Drees


Thanks!  :)
I've started the work on the landscape painting on the backdrop.
To make a representation of the Colorado rockies isn't as easy as it sounds....
You want them to be tall and imposing, and have the color variations of the real thing.
On top of that I have to find a level of detail that I'm satisfied with.
I use regular artist acrylics for it.


I built a switch to fit my layout, a three-way stub switch in HOn3.
It is a #6 with 26" radius.

I will probably use a Tam Valley servo controller for it.
It's really fun to build these.


Made a bit more on my three-way stub turnout in HOn3. One drawbar is made, now it's two more to hold the track gauge to make as well. It's a little tricky to make them because the rails must be able to move individually. I soldered micro track spikes to hold the rails in place.

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