The M-K & Eastern RR, a layout made of dioramas, sort of....

Started by Graffen, May 18, 2017, 10:30:07 AM

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Love the look you got from using the turps and acrylic paint. I'll give that method a try one day.

The finished Bret's Brewery and Yorke kits are fantastic looking. T. Yorke released some great kits.

Thanks for sharing.

Tom ;D
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Thank you for sharing the finished photos of your great modeling on Bret's Brewery and the Pool Hall & Bordello.  Even better are the tips you passed along regarding how you got such a realistic finish on both the wood and stone.

Opa George

Michael, beautiful modeling work! I certainly agree with Jerry and Tom, and may try out your painting tips. I particularly like your modeling of the concrete foundation on the Thomas Yorke kit. I find achieving aged concrete effects a challenge, but you nailed it.
--Opa George


Well done on the pool hall structure Michael.....I'd never seen that kit before, it is a good looking mix of stone and wood.  8)
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Just trying a new photo host as Flickr has turned to crap...


Made some progress on the layout today.
Started the track laying! I decided to begin with the dual gauge trackwork before I do the narrow gauge tracks.
I couldn't use standard gauge cross ties as they're too thick, and I couldn't use narrow gauge ones, as they're too short... I then decided to use narrow gauge turnout ties and cut them to standard gauge length...
It'll be nice to finish the dual gauge tracks as they are very time consuming.
The narrow gauge will be a piece of cake after this.  :D


That is a fine job , someday I will lay some handlaid track.
I love photo's, don't we all.


Wow. That's some beautiful work on those recent structures. The weathering and "damage" to the pool hall is particularly well done. When it stands up to such close-up photos-you nailed it!



Today I stained some ties.
The HOn3 crossties and turnout ties, and the HO/HOn3 dual gauge ties.
I bought an extra bag of turnout ties as it's easy to cut them to regular crosstie length if needed.
I used water based stain mixed with alcohol and some ink.
It dried really quick.


The track Laying has begun.
I made the first stretch today.

The HO/HOn3 double gauge trackage is a bit tricky to do. But now that I've spiked the first pieces, it feels as I'm on the right track. 😀
Now I have to drill the holes for the turnout motors so I can install them as well. It's really fun!

First run on my HO/HOn3 track!!!
It's a great feeling after waiting for it.


It's always exciting to start up that first train.  Nice work.



Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?

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