Cypress Creek Railroad

Started by SteveCuster, July 30, 2017, 05:19:57 PM

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Steve Custer

Jim Donovan

Amazing work and an amazing scene. Thanks for sharing, there are a lot of ideas to take from this.

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Steve it took me slow reading and viewing from my last comment in 2019 and although I wanted to skip ahead I resisted and made it to page 29, just super work and totally enjoy following along.
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Hello Steve, great job on the new roof for the Shipyard building. The progress you've made on your layout is just amazing. Can't wait for more.
Jeff Firestone
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Thanks Jim, Lynn, and Jeff!

I've been making small but steady progress over the last few days. I tied in the missing scenery and started to build it up to where it's beginning to take shape.

I filled in the gap between the waterfront and the track, then I added some dirt and grass. Still a bit more detailing to go with bushes, trees and castings but it's starting to take shape.

More progress. I added a little boat launch since I really didn't know what to put there. The boats aren't permanent yet, I just dropped them there to get an idea of how it would look. I don't know how high the water will go yet so I'll wait to add things that I don't want submerged till then.

Another shot from the other side. I still need to put the crossings in and a ton of details. It's still pretty boring but that'll change.

I made this little fence to add some boundaries to the truck shop building. If I can't figure out how to make an area work with details usually a fence will help. It provides something to lean stuff against build around.

I'm working on building some little sheds and work areas using some of the castings I have around. I have no idea where most of the castings came from, but the base came from one of the FSM casting kits from RailroadKits. Either Wilfred G. Brambell or Sewalls Foundry. These are all nicer castings so I'm thinking they are mostly FSM or SierraWest.

Most everything was already painted so this only took me and hour or so to build. All the wood came from my scrap box and the corrugated metal was already cut and primed to this length so that gave me some parameters for the roof and framing.

I'm thinking it might go here but I'm not sure yet. It looks a cattle ranch area right now but that'll change once I add more details and ground cover.

That's all I have for this update. My plan is to start to really finish the area directly behind the water so I can pour the Envirotex without risking scenery glue seeping onto the shiny water and fogging it if I add the scenery after the pour.

Thanks for following along.

Steve Custer

PRR Modeler

Beautiful scenery and structures.
Curt Webb
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That's a nice looking shed.  Your structures look great.



Just a beautiful layout.  Your detail work is perfect just the right amount and weathered perfectly.

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Mark Dalrymple

Looking really great, Steve.

Looking forward to watching the details appear.

Cheers, Mark.


Thanks Curt, Jeff, Jerry and Mark!
Steve Custer


Great job Steve...Layout looks amazing. Such consistent coloring and weathering. Really works!



Beautiful work! I'm looking forward to your updates.
John Siekirk
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