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Started by Opa George, May 21, 2020, 01:55:53 PM

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Opa George

Below are pics of about 2/3rds of my Tiger Mountain area.  Tiger Mountain consists of the coast-hugging industrial hamlet of Ragged Edge, the town of Old Head--spelled Olde Headde on the oldest boundary maps--first municipal jurisdiction in the area, and the manufacturing district of Bandit's Roost, which also sits at the highest developed point on the mountain.

Not yet built is the big factory complex that sits just below Bandit's Roost on the rocky cliff face above the inlet.

This shot shows the elevation change between Ragged Edge, built between the rock faces and the sea, and the mysterious waxworks that anchor the south end of Old Head.

The boat works just received supplies.  Local peddler freight prepares to depart Ragged Edge with an empty boxcar.

Ragged Edge as shown from Two-Mile House, near the bottom of Bandit's Roost.  The Ragged Edge spur is the lowest point, served by the Tiger Mountain Barge & Navigation Railroad. The mid-level track is part of the connecting Scrubb Railway system, a light freight and commuter shortline running mostly gas electrics.  The topmost track is the narrow gauge line serving the most inaccessible parts of the mountain.

Overview of Old Head, looking down from Two-Mile House.  The Waxworks in the foreground and Seaside Symphonium in the back (Bar Mills first FSM Tribute Kit) are the main industries.

Level shot looking toward the Waxworks. Note the flagstop station for workers and visitors.

Entrance to the Waxworks, with the piano factory in the background.  A visitor's gatehouse is planned for the bottom of this hill.

Overview of Old Head, with Bandit's Roost uphill in the distance.

Overall view of Old Head from a different angle, showing the transition to unfinished scenery territory.

Still another view of Old Head. Bandit's Roost looms in the upper left corner.

Another view from the Waxworks station stop, showing the mansion and the piano factory on the other side of the hill.

Getting all these kits sited near each other has been great fun.  The Waxworks of course is a Master Creations kit. The piano factory is Bar Mills' first FSM Tribute Kit.  Bandit's Roost--not really pictured much here--is from Fos Scale Models. The buildings in Ragged Edge are a mixture: the fish cannery from Builders In scale "Waterfront," the Boat Repair from BIS "Tidewater Wharf." Hiding behind the boat repair drydock is a Bar Mills Stanley Stove & Boiler. 

The last major piece of this area will be the huge factory that hangs on the side of the cliff next to Bandit's Roost:  Fos Scale Models Rust Rock Falls.  I may hold off on that build, though, and work on my engine servicing facilities for a break.

--Opa George


That sir is very cool.

Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?

Mark Dalrymple

Looking really great, George.

A most enjoyable set of photos to study over my breakfast!

Cheers, Mark.


George, looking very nice !!
Really nice how you have incorporated the elevation changes, making the scenes and your modeling all that much more dramatic.
Well done and looking forward to seeing this part of your layout develop further.
Thanks for sharing and all the best,
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Love it, very well done. The different levels are a nice change.

Tom ;D
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Tom Langford



Great modeling - the elevation changes, the stonework, the structures,  very nice work.
John Siekirk
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The elevation changes make it very dramatic.  Nice looking structures as well.



Bob Dye
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Gregory P. DeMayo
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Very cool. It must be so satisfying to have everything sited and now you can detail and tuneup forever. I'm presently working towards that vibe with some "infrastructure"...Great vision and execution!



Very nice mix of craftsman kits on your diorama.
Excellent work sir !!!
Tom Boyd in NE Minnesota


There is some very nice work on you diorama.  Looks awesome!
Steve Drees

Opa George

Thanks, everyone, for all the supportive and encouraging comments.  This third of the layout is coming along beautifully, while the other two-thirds are still mostly a Plywood Pacific.

I sort of lied about taking a break and starting on another area--I couldn't help going back and adding more foliage to the wall joints.  It is much more lush, now, in quaint Ragged Edge.  More pics soon.

--Opa George


George that is a fine looking area.

Lots of interesting buildings, walls and scenery all blended together.

This makes one beautiful scene well done!

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