Pittsburgh and West Virginia and Union RR update

Started by TomW, February 25, 2021, 08:50:06 PM

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Some of the new work that is going on the railroad. Isabella Mine #1 scratch built . Based on a mine on the Western Maryland. Avella Station, This whole area of scenery has been redone. Now lights have been added to the interior. The interior was completed but the old bulbs burnt out. Led installed. Photoshopped background. close up of the mine.


More pictures
Bridgeville. Station cut on Cricut based on the prototype at Bridgeville on P&WV. West side of the station. Engine facility at Rook. The sanding tower and small buildings are new , Iron city sash and door has all new details on the roof. Based on prototype at Rook Yard. Bradley's general store.. I scratch built this 40 plus years ago became a basket case was in the junk box. Rebuilt it new front and roof . Now is back on the layout. It was built for in memory of my son.


Scratch built coke wharf. New Hostler office at Rook.


Wow , awesome , love every scene , and I especially love your ballast , roads , weeds and grass.
I love photo's, don't we all.


Looks terrific Tom!  Glad you're back here posting again.   :D
Bob Butts

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Tom W.

Beautiful additions to a beautiful layout. Very nice my friend.

For those who have not seen Tom's layout, you can see it here.


Tom L.  ;D
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Tom Langford


Hey Tom:

Great looking RR. Thanks for sharing.



Bob Dye
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Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?

Keep It Rusty

This photo showcases some particularly excellent scenery work. That ground cover is really something. Well done, Tom.


New building that is scratch built based on prototype. Building is basically finished , Now it has to get installed, Basic landform is in plaster of paris cloth is next. Build for my grand daughters, Zoe Oliva and Isabella, (Bella) They picked the stores to be installed. Interior are added and lights. Bella picked purple handrails for her store. Bella is the one who helped me. She helped painting the trim and she with my guidance finish cut out the windows. It was cut on my Cricut. I think there are 48 windows and doors.


Tom, it's good to hear from you, and see your progress!

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         Tom W's layout is sooo realistic and incredible modeling.  I just love it!!!  Lot's to gawk at for sure.  Thanks for posting the updates.  I'm a fan.
                                                                                 Thanx Thom...


Agree with Craig on that ground cover of the engine facility. Looks very prototypical.

That large scratcbuilt store structure is fantastic. Love the way your grand daughters helped out in naming their stores.

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