North Pole Square of The Polar Express

Started by carl b, September 18, 2021, 12:56:56 PM

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carl b

Thank you very much Karl, Paul, Curt, Vince and Mark!

are you busy cutting out little notches
No Mark, I was actually using the tip of the blade to shave off a small overhang of the styrene strip- (I cut it a bit too wide)

Karl- Thanks for the info on "Charles", seems I've heard that before...



I love photo's, don't we all.

carl b



"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln

carl b


carl b

The center wall construction has begun. Requires 4 regular windows, 2 large arched windows and the main front doors on the 1st floor. The center back wall is 7 1/2" tall.

The top (3rd) floor arched window (2" H x 1" W)  is bumped out just a few scale feet. I'm using 2 different size circle punches to create the arched casings from styrene.

Top window complete and placed for a test fit. This pushed the center wall to now 8 1/2"high, or about 62 HO scale feet. And we'll need to go higher yet to fit in the clock!

2nd floor center window opening being prepped. Large arch window (2" h x 1.5" W) is mounted to the back wall instead of the front, similar to the first floor arch windows.

Temporarily in place. Bottle shown is the Americana color ("Fawn") used for all trim.

The front doors were made of styrene strips and sheet, glued to a pattern I found on line, and printed on typing paper. Backed and stiffened with thick card.

After some reflection, I reduced the height of the doors I just made by one panel and installed into the front wall. I surrounded the doors with vertical 2x6. The black foam core and 1/8" strips are to provide a glue surface for the arch styrene walls to come.

Till next time...time for a clock..


Excellent work Carl!!  This is so well planned and everything is just falling right into place.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln

Mark Dalrymple

Great watching you at work, Carl.

Its a masterpiece.

Cheers, Mark.



Great work - I'm enjoying your build thread.
John Siekirk
Superior & Seattle Railroad

Opa George

This is looking fantastic.  Love seeing it take shape.

--Opa George
George Nagle
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Harrisburg, PA

Rail and Tie

Darryl Jacobs
Inter-Action Enterprises



This is very time consuming modeling but it is also fantastic, thank you for sharing. This is a wonderful build and thread.

Tom  ;D
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Tom Langford

carl b

Jerry, Mark, John, George, Darryl and Tom, thank you very much for your kind words.

And thank you all again for following the thread. I have a long way to go yet....


I'll be watching this one closely.  Loved your prior lighthouse build.  Love the scratch builds.  Mark

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