Saturday, December 16, 2023

Started by Jim Donovan, December 16, 2023, 08:04:15 AM

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Jim Donovan

Good Morning, looks like I get to kick the day off.

I couldn't sleep last night so ended up getting some nice detailing completed  of model I am working on. Sleep often comes slowly, age I guess. Today we are expecting high winds, rain and perhaps tornados. We could use the rain but forget about the rest. Well off to the coffee pot. Man oh man I am sure glad Graig got this clubroom up and running again, and I love the program that operates it, much nicer than what I was looking at. Have a great day!

Holland & Odessa Railroad


Good morning, coffee sounds great, triple cream please. And one of thise cinnamon buns would be perfect.

Wall painting on the plan and trying to find a way to pay for the new used Subaru Outback Limited XT.


Sunny and warmish (for December).  I did some scenery work yesterday.  If I like it, I'll clean up the area, replace the structures and the backdrop panel, and call this area "done".  Photos later.

Modeling the Northeast in the 1890s - because the little voices told me to


Gregory P. DeMayo
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Morning. Just poking my head in to see what's up..


Morning everyone

Jim thanks for the coffee.

We had a granddaughter visit yesterday.
So there wasn't much time for modeling.

Hopefully today I can get in a couple of hours.

Everyone have a wonderful day!!  :)

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Good morning.

Just back from picking up groceries.  No modeling yesterday, probably not much today.  Thinking about running a couple more errands as the traffic was less than I expected this morning.  Lots of ongoing Christmas prep is filling my time recently.  

I hope everyone has a great day!

Vietnam Seabee

Raymo....great weathering on that lap siding!!!!


Good afternoon!  I have been busy in the workshop and just stopped for a quick sandwich break. I had one of those mornings where I got more done in a few hours than I did in the last couple of days.  I love it when that happens.  I'm heading back in before I loose momentum.  I hope everyone is have a great day.

John Siekirk
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Bruce Oberleitner

Hi Everyone,
Still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact the 2023 is nearly over. 

I do have a question for the group.  Since the forum is back, should we do a 2024 build contest?


I added the fence, and should finish up this area in the next day or two.
When I find my Presier dogs, I'll add a dog and doghouse, too.  That's my rework of the Mine Mount Models "Wiley's Good Times Tavern" ( )

Modeling the Northeast in the 1890s - because the little voices told me to

Vietnam Seabee

Nice wood plank rail crossing.

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