Wednesday - March 20, 2024

Started by ReadingBob, March 20, 2024, 07:06:30 AM

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Morning all,

Halfway through my four-day work week!  One long meeting this morning though.  I'll be retiring at just about the right time.  They just declared that they want us to turn on our webcams when we present in meetings.  ::) I'll just avoid presenting for the next month or so. ;D

I'm itching to get back to the workbench.  Friday is coming.  

Have a great one!
Bob Butts

There's a fine line between Hobby and Mental Illness.


Morning Bob and others,

No webcam here either!  8)

Yard work awaits me this morning.

Have a safe and healthy day.

"If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed."
Thomas Jefferson

Tom Langford


Gregory P. DeMayo
General Construction Superintendent Emeritus
St. Louis & Denver Railroad
Longwood, FL


Back to reality after a 5 day, 1800-mile car trip to see friends in Illinois and a stop at the Gerald Ford Museum. There's no history at the Museum. We lived through all of it and knew several of those involved. That can't be "history": just a trip town memory lane.
Enjoy whatever you're up today and please keep those webcams covered.
Working on my second million. I gave up on the first.


Got back last night from Dublin, so I have some Guiness detox ahead of me  ;)...I took them at their word when they told us "It's meant to be gulped" at the Guiness Factory tour.

I mistakenly told my staff that I get back "Wednesday night", so I'll enjoy my day off. I've got a painful Knee injection this morning, then - If I can stand...I'm planning to do some soldering and see what the reversing circuit looks like on my branch line.

Vietnam Seabee

A walk in the park this morning and then some TurboTax time for me today. I recently hand built a turnout using Fasttrax jigs. I'm going to document thst build in a series of articles in the S&s Gazette do I might start that this afternoon if I do well with my taxes


Good morning.

Looks like I'm a late check-in this morning.  I'll blame that on taking time to enjoy the second cup of coffee in front of the bay window.  Snowed last evening so my yard is crisscrossed with deer tracks from their visit during the night. Based on the other tracks and some digging in the lawn, looks like the coyotes visited, too, and were trying to find some mice for a snack.

I'm planning to work on the layout while also catching up on laundry and some vacuuming.  I should mop the kitchen floor, too, but that task may have to wait for another day.

I hope everyone has a safe and rewarding day!

PRR Modeler

Good Morning All,

Today I have to drive Dad to the VA then I hope to get to the train room for therapy!

I hope everyone has a good day.
Curt Webb
The Late Great Pennsylvania Railroad
Freelanced PRR Bellevue Subdivision


Morning all.

Hump day.  Nothing planned.  Maybe I'll get the other set of F3s out from my auction winnings and see how they run.  




What! It snowed 4" of fluffy flakes. At leadt no shoveling of the driveway. I also hear the call of the turbotax program today.

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