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Started by Jim Donovan, March 24, 2024, 08:03:36 AM

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Jim Donovan

Good Morning Folks;

I posted a photo of a 1905 truck I finished yesterday on the Saturday chat. Boy was that a project. We are back from St Thomas, good to be home. Today we are going to a theatre show and meeting family so no modeling. Hope everyone has a great day.

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Good Morning All,

Started out the day with a walk. I have some chores then some quality layout time.

Jim have fun today. That wagon is very well done.

I hope everyone has a good day.
Curt Webb
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Morning all.....

Jim.....Pegi and I went down there last year on a business trip and wished we hadn't. There are many nice islands in the Caribbean, but St. Thomas isn't one of them.

The place is still a mess after two bad hurricanes back in 2017 and the government is so corrupt that it makes the Daily group of crooks in Chicago look like a bunch of choir boys. The rest of the population isn't to bad, but they do import and consume one heck of an amount of alcohol, which makes driving on the wrong side of the road a real adventure.

And to top the whole trip off, after we got on the plane for flight home, the pilot announced they didn't have enough Jet-A to make it to Orlando so they needed to off load 6 passengers, with luggage, and stop in Puerto Rico for gas. Our nice expected mid afternoon arrival home turned out to be near midnight.

Not a place I'm interested in ever visiting again.
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Good morning.

Like Curt, I started the day with a walk.  I walked to the barn to feed the cats, and then walked back to the house.  Low 20's outside, snowing lightly earlier this morning, right now the sun does manage to pop out occasionally, apparently only enough to move the temperature to around freezing if the forecast is correct.  Looks like yet another day to stay inside and work on the layout.

I cast another large rock mold yesterday that I need to move forward as I continue to try to "rough in" some basic scenery. Even though I used fast setting hydrocal, while hard, the casting still feels cool and a little damp so I cannot fasten it into place yet.  At least I can move forward with planning how the scene in that corner will fit together.

I hope everyone has a safe and warm day.



I was wrong! It wasn't 8" of snow but more like 10-12". My stomach muscles are agreeing with me. 

Taxes are done and I can now afford a trip to orlando.


Morning all,

Jim, that wagon looks nice.  It also looked like it would be a challenge to build.  You did a fine job with it.

Workbench time yesterday and more of the same today.  I'll put off chores until tomorrow (my last vacation day).

Have a great one!  
Bob Butts

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We lost power this morning at 5:00, just got it back at 10:00.  Considering the number of outages in southern NH, that's pretty good!  I was able to light the gas range with matches, so at least we had breakfast (scrambled eggs) and tea.  But now I can make coffee...

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Late check in here.

Today we launched the new kits... two brick structures that are quick but quality builds.

Check them out here:

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