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Started by CVSNE, January 15, 2015, 02:15:28 PM

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Sad to see it go, hope the next one progresses well.


Felt that bit of pain last year, hope you get started on a new journey soo .
Ontario, Canada
The Great White North

My Layout Venture->


Thanks all.

Yes, it certainly wasn't fun, but I'm sure (hope?) I have at least one more layout in me.
The next one is going to be built in stages/sections up through completion.
I also toy with other themes/prototypes etc...
No decisions as yet, and it's entirely likely that practical factors will see me stick with the Central Vermont and New England in general, but it might be a different era, or a new region of the country entirely.
At least such daydreaming keeps me out of trouble when we're packing...


Marty McGuirk
Manassas, VA


Wow - good luck with the new space.
John Siekirk
Superior & Seattle Railroad

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