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Started by Joe, February 28, 2021, 10:24:10 AM

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The Delta Mill was built in 1810 in Delta, Ontario and is a National Canadian Historic site.  I am going to attempt to model the mill, which will require me to put my skills to the test!

I will start with the front wall.  The mill's dimensions are approximately 50 feet by 35 feet. 

I started by modelling all the stones (over 2000) in my design program.  Once I had all the stones laid virtually, I laid out the doors and windows.  Once I had everything ready I used my laser to scribe and cut out all the parts.  I did a lot of experimenting with this step.  The photos I am posting are the result of approximately 2 dozen attempts.

Once I have my pattern scribed and cut into wood, I create a box and fill it with hydrocal.  Once dry, I removed the wooden wall jigs and peel away the wall.  There is some residual wood details, which the staining looks kind of good. 

I am in the process of cleaning out the mortar lines and defining the stones.  I am happy with my results.  When I have my wall as best as I can get it, I will cast it in a master model of silicone so that I can make as many walls as I want.

I cut a few windows (12 over 8) and set them into lplace to check for fit. 


Looks absolutely fantastic , well worth the 2 dozen attempts  ;)
I love photo's, don't we all.


Darn good looking walls Joe..... 8) . I'll be looking in.
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Hey Joe:

The walls are beautiful. Can't wait to see more.




The wall looks fantastic, I'll be following along as well.

Tom  ;D
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Mark Dalrymple

This will be interesting to watch, Joe.

Great work so far.

Are you planning on adding the keystones to the corners?

Cheers, Mark.


Looks fabulous !!   Wondering if you will be making those walls, windows, etc...  available commercially ??

I would certainly be interested.

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Quote from: PaulS on February 28, 2021, 12:36:01 PM
Looks fabulous !!   Wondering if you will be making those walls, windows, etc...  available commercially ??

I would certainly be interested.

I'd be interested, too.

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Thanks for having a look and a the positive comments.

Mark - you have a keen eye.  I have debated over those keystones on the corners.  This mill has fooled me a couple of times.  I thought when they did the restoration that they added those.  I found a photo where they pretty much removed the entire corner and rebuilt it that way to reinforce it.  I included an old photo that shows that they were there when the mill was built.  The restoration work is so amazing that what they did not only looks fantastic but it is true to the people who built the mill 200 years ago! 

I will make the adjustments and re-cast the wall ... stay tuned. 

Dave and Paul, I never thought about a commercial project.  I am planning to make master moulds once I perfect my wall sections, so I guess we will see how well I can progress. 

Funny story, I originally started designing the mill to be 60 x 40 because I found an original real estate ad from the mid 1800's when the mill was sold, I think to someone from Scotland.  Imagine their surprise when they discovered the size of the mill was exaggerated and they bought a 50 x 35 mill.  I do love reading and discovering history.


This old photo shows the mill, different windows from the original 12 over. 8. 

Dennis Bourey

Joe, Beautiful Job!!!! I'd be interested, too. Dennis
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This looks to be an interesting project.  I will be following along.



Nice looking walls Joe



Hey Joe:

Thanks for post the real pics.


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