Hommell Carnegie Pa on Tom Wilsons layout

Started by TomW, June 26, 2021, 04:42:01 PM

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I have been redoing improving sections of the layout. A industry on the prototype was Hommell corp. They made porcelain frit for the cermamic and appliance industry . They were bought out and then closed about 2010. A siding from the P&WV(N&W) brought covered hoppers into the plant. I rode a excursion in the 1990's by the plant and I got three pictures of the wooden structure .The other parts of the plant I could get from public road. I have had a stand in for the scene for years and it has been removed and I am scratch building the wooden part of the scene and the other brick structures are from Walthers. I cut the windows in the clapboard siding with my Cricut. I got the approx. size using Google earth. First group pictures are of the prototype. More to come


Very interesting structures.  Looking forward to more pictures.  Great prototype.  Looks challenging and a fun build opportunity.



Area to be redone, The blue buildings walls and roof will be reused.
Areal view of location of former wooden building


Mock up of the building cut in cardstock with my Cricut. Tichy windows and doors will be used.


The cut wall sections, Assembled with out the roof and finished almost building. The placement of the brick building is still on going. I will not get till back to it till after vacation in Aug.


Looks really nice.  Great character and interpretation.   :)




Excellent addition to an already excellent layout.

Tom  :D
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Great start Tom.....neat looking structure.  8)
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Thanks all. It has been one of the building that I have been wanting to do since I was hanging out the vestibule on the excursion car years ago to get the picture. There was no easy access to this part of the plant. . I used weathered siding from Northeastern to make it. The building is placed real close to the backdrop. I have been expermenting with the Walthers brick building doing painting on them to look like real brick. Give me wood any day.  One of the things i have been doing is painting the brick walls base color with Krylon fusion satin terracotta then painting it with rattle can of Rustoleum Multicolored Textured Autumn Brown. The textured paint is oversprayed from about 2' away just a mist. The after it dries I go over and paint individual bricks with other various reds and browns
Folkart and other acrylics. I used Vallejo white and greys paint thin down into wash for the brick mortar. Vallejo various gray washes for shadowing under brick that sticks out and along pillars and under windows and along bottoms. A little pan pastel also used.


Missed photo, wall section cut and primered.


Brick building loosely placed trying to find the right placement


Great brick coloring...  Western PA brick ran the gamut of colors, the cream color is hardest to model.  The orange you captured is one I remember on a lot of buildings, including my mom's house and the church next door.

Modeling the Northeast in the 1890s - because the little voices told me to


Great looking building.  And a very nice start by you!

This should be a great addition to the layout.

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Great job on the brick coloring. I think it matches many of the brick buildings I've seen in western Pa.


Very interesting project and, as previously and correctly noted, great job on the brick coloring!  :)
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