February 2, 2022 Groundhog Day

Started by Jim Donovan, February 02, 2022, 06:44:37 AM

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Jim Donovan

I guess I will open today. You know being retired is sometimes like Groundhog Day (the movie). 

Not really much news for me to share. I did finished making a smoke generator using the heating coil of an e-cigarette. It functions well but looks like a homemade contraption. Now that I know what I'm doing I plan on designing a better container for the mechanism and have the 3D printer make it.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Jim D
Holland & Odessa Railroad


Morning, all.

The groundhog's shadow will freeze here today, at least we're in double digits this morning (barely).  I'm off today, hopefully some work on the build and loafing on the agenda.



Gregory P. DeMayo
General Construction Superintendent Emeritus
St. Louis & Denver Railroad
Longwood, FL


There's a political thought in Pennsylvania that there's Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and there's everything in between. That is the case this morning as it's foggy in Philly, yet the rodent known as Phil "saw his shadow". Riiiight!
Need some blood work done this AM, then I'm going to try and locate the door to the basement.
Enjoy a screening of Groundhog Day today, 2sday, 2/2/22. It's the only one you'll have in your lifetime.
Working on my second million. I gave up on the first.


Morning. Eye Doctor's appointment today. Maybe some benchtime after if my eyes can handle the light. Springfield crowd was light this year, just over 6000 people, about a third of the normal crowd.

PRR Modeler

Good Morning All,

Nothing to report today. Will be spending time in the train room. Being retired is awesome.

I hope everyone has a good day.
Curt Webb
The Late Great Pennsylvania Railroad
Freelanced PRR Bellevue Subdivision


Morning all,

Not retired but sneaking onto the forum in between meetings.  ;)   Getting closer though.  Not as close as Opa George but closer.  Later this year I can sign up for Medicare plus a (small) pension I'm entitled to will start paying out.  That's the final hurdle towards being able to actually say the heck with working.   

I probably will pop in Groundhog Day this afternoon just for some background noise while I work.  ;D

Have a great one!
Bob Butts

There's a fine line between Hobby and Mental Illness.


Good morning.

Nice pics today Dan & Bob (and probably John within a few minutes).

Made a fast grocery run this morning in preparation for our upcoming weather tonight, tomorrow, and into Friday.  It is likely going to be a messy mix of rain, freezing rain, and a heavy wet snow.  Latest forecast calls for a coating of ice followed by 6-10" of snow.  Fortunately my neighbor is keeping me plowed out as rent for using the barn to house his heifers. 

Everyone have a safe and productive day!


Good morning! Your weather is here right now - we are through the rain/ice/sleet and it's now snowing that nice heavy wet stuff. Since I have a plow and my neighbors have snow blowers I bet I will have some pushing to do this evening. My coffee is done so it's time to get to work on the railroad. I hope everyone has a great day. From the F&SM:

John Siekirk
Superior & Seattle Railroad



I (actually my daughter) washed the car yesterday and gave me a chance to do body work on the left rear fender. Then it rained!



I long to be retired....

I like all the photos from the F&SM. I have been there 4 different times and it seems I never get to see it all.

So I gloated over the cache of Jordans I procured at Springfield. I reviewed the prices on the boxes (which is what I paid for them) and it turns out the cheapest one was $2.75 and the priciest one was $10.95. I'd say it all evened out in my favor since the going price for these is around $12-15 on eBay. I have heard some are able to buy them at $8/each in bulk. You wonder why these Jordans are such a topic of interest? Well, they are just way cool.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.



Was -17 below this morning on Groundhog Day...in Minnesota we do an auto addition of 12 weeks of winter today instead of 6 more weeks.
Shadow method is not used here ...
Tom Boyd in NE Minnesota


Mornin' all..............

Picked up my second pair of glasses this morning........  I have two sets of frames that are essentially the same.  One lives on my work bench as it has a bazooka lens for the lower bo-fikle.

I had to arm wrestle my optometrist several years ago to make this happen.  The upper lens is the same as my street and reading glasses but the lower focuses in at about 3 inches.  It saves me from using a jeweler's loop that tends to scratch the reading glasses when place on top.   

He wanted know why I would need or want such a thing...............   I bristled ! !   You don't need to know  !!   I did ultimately tell him and several years later he told me that he had encouraged others who did such stuff to do the same.

He never gave me a cut on the number of frames he sold.......

So I'm back in business on really small stuff.  Woooo hoooo

see ya
Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?


I have 'work bifocals'.  The top prescription is my reading prescription, the bottom is reading +1.25.  And I'm sufficiently nearsighted that I can take my glasses off and work that way.   That gives me 18"-24", 12", and 6" as focal lengths.   All in the cheapest frames from WalMart optical.

The problem is that I can't see past the end of my arm with those on!! 

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