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Kit Building / Re: Syzdek Mfg by Downtown Deco
July 21, 2024, 05:33:16 AM
So NICE , great job Jeff
Totally jaw dropping work , everything looks so realistic , beautifully done .
Layout Tours / Re: Shadowlands and Tellynott
June 02, 2024, 05:07:06 AM
Wow , lots of work done , lots of work cut out to do . Thanks for sharing Mark
Layout Tours / Re: Cypress Creek Railroad
May 23, 2024, 04:26:41 AM
Great details and like the others said , the red roof is superb
i look in every day , do I post every day , no not really . A: because at the moment ( and quite a while now ) I just can't get myself to do anything so I have nothing to post. B: while I love build threads and cherish all the work put into the layout and build  threads, I see no worth in responding to every post with a "great ""super "etc. post from me although I do realize it is appreciated by the poster.

I do see the same thing with , thousands of members but only a group of 40-50 that post on a regular basis and it's only getting less .

I do enjoy every post made here and I hope everyone stays here , I've found this to be quite a nice place.
I hope you consider this a compliment when I say this could be a work by Ken Hamilton
Kit Building / Re: FOS Gorman Sign Company build
April 27, 2024, 06:37:38 PM
Ah , Bob the Builder at work ( well hobby ) , thanks for sharing.
Amazing , what a great build , the details are to die for.
Good luck with the operation Jim .
Thanks all , I actually had to go to the Hospital on Tuesday as well , to get some varicose veins pulled out , it turned out to be one of the nicest hospital appointments I've ever had . 3 ladies , of which the 2 doctors were only 24 and 25 treated me very well , and all during the operation we had a very pleasant chat about my former Bar and the differences in going out through the generations , made the operation fly by, I was actually sad when it was all done.
Fantastic .  The rest of the street looks really well kept , why wouldn't anyone in all those years have bought it to make a nice house or appartement building with it? In the Netherlands this would have to either be renovated by the owner or would he would have to sell it to someone that would renovate it , not allowed to just let it rot away.
Good afternoon , very tired today , I spent the night at the hospital because my heart was going all over the place and fast, nothing really dangerous but it was the first time I experienced fibrillation , high blood pressure and 120 beats a minute while watching TV, where I normally have around 55 beats a minute. Anyway , they gave me some medicine and after a few hours I was back home .

I am currently not modeling ( well not really ) I am building a Lego steam engine .

Dioramas / Re: Justice City Dioramish
April 13, 2024, 03:14:33 AM
That's going to look great Marty
Doing a great job Jeff , and thanks for sharing all the steps of the build.
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