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Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Friday May 7, 2021
« on: Today at 06:53:33 AM »
Morning all,

My router and WIFI went out yesterday. Spent all day getting back on the internet.


Have a great day ya'll.

Tom  ;D

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Wednesday, May 5, 2021
« on: May 05, 2021, 07:02:55 AM »
Morning all,

Have a great day ya'll.

Tom ;D

I was able to removed the concrete slab for the building without any damage. However, I'm planning on making a new one, just wanted to see if I could do it.

I did decide to not use brick piers in place of the concrete slab.

I removed the rest of the detail parts and will add much more to the new yard.

Done for now.

Now I'm ready to prep the area and add the yard fence.

Diet Pepsi time, back in a few.

I used a large eye dropper and added some warm clear water to the scenery area to be removed. I let it stand for about 30 minutes and used a 1 1/4" putty knife to remove the wet scenery.

Some stubborn spots remained so I added more water to those areas.

Continued -

Finally back to work on the layout and getting some things done.

I marked off the area of the scrap/salvage yard. I simply used a black Sharpie to mark the area.

Street side view -

Track side view -

Continued -

Kit Building / Re: FSM Crocker Bros Feed Mill
« on: May 04, 2021, 02:51:47 PM »

I still have this one in my stash of kits and plan to build mine as a chair factory. This kit has lots to add for wood storage and lumber delivery.

Tom  ;D

Kit Building / Re: Fos Scale Bandit's Roost Build
« on: May 04, 2021, 02:43:39 PM »
Very nice rock coloring. Looks great to me.

Tom  ;D

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: New hosmasote roadbed supplier
« on: May 04, 2021, 02:40:12 PM »

Never heard of this company until now. I'm about 95% finished with my track laying but this looks good if you are still using homasote roadbed.

Here's the link.

Tom ;D

Scratchbuilding / Re: Building an REA Freight House
« on: May 04, 2021, 02:34:05 PM »

You did a fantastic build on the REA Freight House. It truly looks great in that location. I hope my FOS turns out a good as your scratch build.

Tom  ;D

Morning Bob and others,

Some errands this morning and then some modeling. That's the plan anyway.

Have a great day ya'll.

Tom  ;D

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Monday - May 3, 2021
« on: May 03, 2021, 07:23:13 AM »
Morning all,

Yesterday morning I spent 5 hours pressure washing the pool deck. Took all after recovering, so today I take it easy and work on the challenge build.

Going to visit Claire Miller this morning and having lunch with the Babe.

Have a great day ya'll.

Tom  ;D

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Sunday 02MAY2021
« on: May 02, 2021, 07:00:24 AM »
Morning Mark and others,

I'll be pressure washing the pool deck this morning and will probably take the rest of the day to recovery.

The SBG guy, ACL1504, Cuse, Reading Bob, Greg DeMayo and PRR Modeler, met here yesterday and got caught up on the the layout and other stuff we've missed for the past 18 months.

Lunch followed at Del Dios with more BSing. A great day all in all.

Have a great day ya'll.


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: May 01, 2021
« on: May 01, 2021, 08:05:38 AM »
Morning all,

SBG meeting today for the first in over 18 months.

Have a safe day ya'll.

Tom  ;D

Jim Lucas build.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Friday 30APR2021
« on: April 30, 2021, 10:31:19 AM »

That is some great news for sure. Thanks for the update and I hope he continues to improve. C-19 is some nasty stuff.

Tom  ;D

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