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Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Roof Repair Sale
« on: April 12, 2021, 01:10:11 PM »

From Don Tichy

April 10, 2021

Dear Modeler:

We here at Tichy Train Group want to wish everyone a happy and healthy year as we hopefully emerge from this pandemic. Our factory is not as healthy as we are. We are having 24,000 square feet of new roof installed on our factory this week to keep our production areas dry and the people that bring you Tichy products happy. To tempt you to help pay for it, we are having a special sale while the work is being done.

On orders from 20 to 50 dollars we are giving a 10% discount.
Just use 10 in the coupon code box at checkout.

On orders from 50 to 100 dollars we are giving a 20% discount.
Just use 20 in the coupon code box at checkout.

On orders over 100 dollars we are giving a 25% discount.
Just use 25 in the coupon code box at checkout.

US customers will receive free freight on orders over $60, $4 under that.
Canadian customers will receive free freight on orders over $100, $10 under that.
International orders will go into moderation when you place them and we will add airmail postage and send you a payment link to approve and pay. On international orders, you can request a PayPal invoice by sending us an email.

These coupons expire at midnight on Monday April 19th.

A quick note on shipping. USPS shipping times have started to improve but we are still seeing significant problems. We now have send you a shipping link with your tracking number when we ship. We do not have any better information than what this link provides. UPS shipping is available on any order for a $4 charge, just buy a UPS shipping surcharge available under the what's new tab.

Kit Building / Review of BESTTrains Vetero stains
« on: December 14, 2020, 01:30:51 PM »

(I'm still having problems posting pictures, so I'll just post a link to the illustrated review on The Other Forum....)


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / There's a prototype for everything
« on: October 30, 2020, 04:06:52 PM »

Scratchbuilding / small office
« on: September 14, 2020, 10:19:55 AM »
I'm working on a small office from a prototype photo.  Although that particular photo is from a Northern location (the snow is a big hint :-) ), I found a bunch of similar structures in Southern locations (including several from a town in MS.) 

The challenge was getting something to look like those scroll-end Ionic columns.  I ended up twirling thin brass around round nose tweezers, then inserting a styrene rod.  The columns should be fluted (and to be most precise, should be slightly smaller diameter at top), but I'm doing "Victorian Vernacular" so I can cheat and use plain columns.  The square Tuscan columns were easy by comparison.

I wanted an interior, so I primed both sides of the styrene walls white, and then painted on wainscoting.  After I painted the windows and added glazing, I glued them in place, and then added interior trim, painted a slightly different brown to stand out.  And yes, one window is glued in upside down, I had real problems with the glue actually holding.


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Roundhouse/Enginehouse build question
« on: July 23, 2020, 05:42:31 PM »
John, Karl, others who recently built a roundhouse/engine house:  How did you attach the doors?  On my little KC roundhouse, the doors will be always open, but I'm kinda stumped how to best glue them to the door frames.

Thanks in advance!


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Tara Sellios
« on: July 02, 2020, 05:27:35 PM »
There's a post from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on Facebook, they bought their first photo by a local Boston photographer/artist, George's daughter!


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / question: controlling staging tracks?
« on: May 03, 2020, 01:05:16 PM »
I have a 4 track staging yard, and I want each track to have its power switched (on/off).  That way I can have some trains in the yard ready to go, but not consuming power (or making noise) until I'm ready to release the train.  I'd like an indication on the control panel whether the track is powered up.


thanks in advance!


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / NMRA cancels this summer's convention
« on: April 09, 2020, 12:21:01 PM »
I just got an email announcing the cancellation of the St Louis national convention in July.   :-[


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / adhesive for backdrops?
« on: October 30, 2019, 05:58:54 PM »
Anyone have experience or a suggestion for an adhesive to glue backdrops to (MDF) substrate?  I need something that gives me positioning time, since I have to work the backdrop down behind some scenery, and make sure it's plumb and aligned with the top of the substrate.  That argues against contact cements or spray glue.

thanks in advance!


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / NWSL "saved"
« on: August 19, 2019, 04:08:27 PM »
NorthWest Short Line Press Release
For Immediate Release

NorthWest Short Line is pleased to announce that the entire line has been acquired by an NWSL employee, effective September 3rd, 2019. All existing back orders will be filled, and NWSL will be open to new orders as soon as the new websites are rolled out; the primary website nwsl.comwill carry forward as the primary contact point. The line is expected to carry forward largely unchanged although the company will no longer offer phone support. NWSL will be headquartered in Kila, Montana, located near Kalispell, and the new address is PO Box 219, Kila, MT 59920. Email contact is through the website.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Modelers Forum book club
« on: July 11, 2019, 12:08:24 PM »
Greg Shinnie has run a "What are you reading this summer" thread on Another Forum.  I thought, particularly given the discussions in yesterday's chat on Gettysburg, it might be worth starting a book club discussion here.

Rules:  The books do NOT have to be railroad related.  Both fiction and non-fiction are in scope.  Start a discussion by naming a book and why you like it.  It would help to provide an Amazon link to your book, so people can get bibliographic information (and order there if they want.)  We can talk about what's in that book, other books on the same topic, or the underlying subject of the book (e.g. how we discussed the Battle of Gettysburg itself after someone mentioned "Killer Angels.")


Kit Building / NE Brownstone Viaduct
« on: January 28, 2019, 08:23:51 PM »
Russ Greene released parts for a new kit, which allows you to build a viaduct or stone arch bridge.  Each arch is 4", and there are both short and tall piers, plus abutments. 

I started working on mine today, after picking up some of the first run castings at Springfield.  Russ told me this was coming, so I designed a spot for it, with a 12" straight section and a 6" drop from track to benchwork base.

Today I discovered the tall pier castings are at the exact height, just a bit of shimming needed.  The track curves on one abutment, so it will have to be slightly skewed to the angle of the rest of the bridge. 

I cut away the splines, fit and shaped the main pieces to fit.   Next step is to think about how I'll glue them together, I don't want the end assembly to be fragile.


Kit Building / FSM Jacob's Coal
« on: November 17, 2018, 08:36:15 AM »
A couple years ago I got a good deal on some older Yellow Boxes.  On the current layout, I have 2 different locations where I could put a coal dealer.  So I dug this kit out, in response to the latest challenge.  I can build it in parts, and defer the final assembly until the end.  (The two locations I have require the conveyor to be on opposite sides of the structure.)  I work slowly, so don't expect frequent updates, but this is my attempt to build something for the winter Tom Schwarz build.  (I probably met Tom when I was in Pittsburgh for a couple of their NMRA meets.)


Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Some sad news to pass along
« on: November 03, 2018, 03:31:16 PM »

For those of them who are familiar with Carol and Craig Vreeland, of Sterling Models, the vendor of beautiful handmade trees, I'm very sorry to say that Carol passed away last week after a long battle with cancer.


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