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Quote from: jerryrbeach on Today at 08:06:42 AMGood morning.

Eleven degree F start to a sunny day with a forecast high in the high 30's.  It is one of those days when it looks so great you cannot wait to go outside, then the squeaky snow and your frosty breath brings home the fact it is definitely colder than it looks.  Still, I am tempted to go for a drive just to enjoy the sunshine shining off the snow.

I hope everyone has a great sunny day!

I'm with you.  I really like that weather, much more than 80s and humid.  Don't forget your sunglasses!

I'll start painting the "Miner's Union Hall" today, I primed it (white) last night.

I dug out an old Magnuson (dating from their acquisition by Walthers) resin kit, the "Miner's Union Hall" shallow wall background building.  What a great design!  Mine is in great shape, castings are still flat.  I cleaned off the flash, soaked in 10% "Super Clean", and it's drying now.  I cut one of the sidewalls in half (using my bandsaw, worked great....)  Once it's fully dry, I'll prime probably grey, and start the detail painting.  This will be a lot of fun to paint because of all the cast-in detail.  I also ordered another Walthers "Merchants Row II" kit, mine has several broken parts.  It's probably due to my tossing the sprues into a big box of structure parts, but it could also be due to some deterioration of the styrene.  I decided even if I do kit-bash it, it's not worth trying to work through the broken parts.  

All this is going to the scenery/location I started on yesterday:
The track is underneath the cloth "apron".  Concept here is for a road to turn the corner you can barely see on the left (where the J. Tull brickworks is located) head down to a T intersection with a road that will go under a bridge to be cut into the track where you can see the track peek out from the cloth, and then climb back up the hill to track level a couple feet down the wall.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Friday - February 16, 2024
February 16, 2024, 09:19:48 AM
Happy Day, Frank! 

This for Slim Sartore:  "That's it, Fort Pitt!"

We got about an inch of snow last night.  Blue skies and puffy clouds today, looks like a New England postcard.  Dogs are at the groomers, so the house is unnaturally quiet.

Quote from: Slim Jerkins on February 14, 2024, 06:19:42 PMEvening folks!

Not much interesting to report. Working on building a new website to get away from the lousy hosting service (Square / Weebly) that I currently have.  >:(

Good luck with that!  That can be a lot of hassle.  Make sure you can move the domain name registrations.

Quote from: MartyO on February 14, 2024, 08:44:01 AMMorning

Here is what happened during my laziness,
I like that!  It looks like 'shore shelves' from changes in sea/lake levels.  

Dioramas / Re: Bleat - a 009 exhibition layout
February 13, 2024, 12:46:07 PM
They look great!

Dioramas / Re: Bleat - a 009 exhibition layout
February 13, 2024, 09:18:26 AM
Quote from: Mark Dalrymple on February 12, 2024, 06:28:30 PMYes, Dave.

I don't think Handel meant it quite like that!  ...

Cheers, Mark.

Why let a few (missing) commas mess up a perfectly good line??!! 

(I sure wish that Google crap would stop showing up in my posts!)

Dioramas / Re: Bleat - a 009 exhibition layout
February 12, 2024, 04:18:36 PM
Quote from: Mark Dalrymple on February 12, 2024, 02:20:29 PMLooking good, Mike.

Some cute locos there.  I would love to see a close up of some of these flocked sheep!  A flock of sheep - brings on a whole new meaning...

Cheers, Mark.
As G. F. Handel once sang, "All we like sheep!"  

Except for some paint touch-up, the structure is done:
And a view of the other side through the completed part under the stairs:

Shingles are about 2/3 done.  I'll add corner ridge caps, and maybe some trim along the top of the shingles.

Sunny, supposed to get up to 46 today, that's well above average temps.  More work on the brickworks Mansard, I've run out of things to do before starting shingles.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 09/2024
February 09, 2024, 04:15:07 PM
A bit more progress on the brickworks office.  I painted the dormer roofs, first priming neutral grey then putting a coat of 'gunmetal' metallic paint.  I'll tone that down to match the hip roof.  
It's a bit hard to see, but I also decided to add a furnace chimney, so the Little People in the office section have heat.  (About 2/3 back on the left of the roof.)  I'll prime and paint that to match the brick walls.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Thursday 8 February
February 08, 2024, 08:48:50 AM
Here's my 2 little stinkers, Livia (left) and Titus, on their thrones.  Although it doesn't look it here, Titus is actually the much more lively one.  
The fun thing about having 2 dogs is how different their personalities are.  

Back to the brickworks, I'll glue the windows into the dormer castings and then glue the dormers onto the roof.  Then I'll start the painstaking task of shingling between them...

Dioramas / Re: Bleat - a 009 exhibition layout
February 07, 2024, 06:40:11 PM
That backdrop will look great!

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Wednesday 07 February 2024
February 07, 2024, 08:40:04 AM
I'm still waiting for one tax form due the end of next week, then I can file.  And my estimate so far says I'll get some money back, always better than owing (I don't care what my accountant friend says about 'lending the government money at no interest.')  More work today on the brickworks dormers...

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