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Two homemade tools work well on plaster kits.  The first is sandpaper glued to paint paddles, making a "sanding file."  The second is sandpaper glued to a stone (so it's honed flat) tile.  

The 'sanding files' work well to dress the edges.  I try to file a couple degrees more acute than 90, and then use wood bracing to square up the corners and add strength.  The 'sanding tile' works well to even out the backs, and when the structure is assembled, to even out the base so the structure sits flat.  

Weather broke with the thunderstorms last night.  It's still a bit humid, but about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday.  

Not much happened today, mostly I was waiting for people to show up for work on the house.  We now have a brand new propane tank, and the exterminator traps are all re-baited.  The mice mostly stay out of the attic during the summer.  I did a bit more misting and weighing on the backdrops, tomorrow I'll remove the weights and see how it looks on Sunday morning.  

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Heat Dome Tuesday
June 18, 2024, 06:52:27 PM
Quote from: Vietnam Seabee on June 18, 2024, 06:07:22 PMDave...wait till January/February and you be begging for a heat dome and I'll be down here cutting my grass wearing tee shirt and shorts
Nope.  I moved here deliberately in retirement from Northern VA.  You -literally- could not pay me enough to live south of the Mason-Dixon line again.  It has to get below zero (Fahrenheit) before I get uncomfortably cold.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Heat Dome Tuesday
June 18, 2024, 08:17:29 AM
Today is the first day of potentially record temperatures here in SE NH, and across most of the northeast.  It's muggy, too.  I'd be happy if you-all in Florida would keep your weather to yourselves!  

I'll work on the backdrop project in the basement. 

Florida weather arriving in NH this week, too.  Yuck!  I'll hide out in the basement for most of the week.  Today I'll unload the weights off the backdrop to see how much warp is left.  I think it'll be a 3 day process for each panel:  (1) glue in place; (2) add weights, let dry overnight; (3) flip over, mist, add weights and let dry again.  

It's sunny, much less humid than yesterday and cool in SE NH.  74 going to 75.  I opened the bags with the new photo backdrop panels and coated them with Golden archival matte varnish.  That's what I've been using on all my backdrops, it provides good coverage, the matte coat actually makes the photos pop a little bit, and provides some water resistance for scenery work  I'll let that cure overnight and tomorrow apply at least one to the mat board.  (Idea now is to apply a panel, flip the mat board over, mist that, and put weights on that to get it to stay flat.) 

The local farm stand is advertising fresh peas, my favorite farm stand veggie.  They also have strawberries and rhubarb, in case the wife wants to make something with that.  add:  Bummer, they were out of peas!

My other project, an ADS-B (airplane transponder) receiver project is on hold.  There was a problem with the load and it might be the micro-SD cards.  So I ordered new cards (they're really cheap these days), should be here tomorrow. 

Yesterday morning, the ISP 2nd tier guy called me.  "I think I've found the problem.  Some security feature we don't use on one of our components mysteriously turned itself back on on your subnet.  No log reports, it just decided to do that.  I've disabled that, try the static IP address now."  "Yup, we're back in business.  Thanks!"  Then we complained to each other about software that changes stuff and doesn't tell you what it did.  (I use the static IP address to enable the websites I host, including for John Siekirk's "S&S Gazette" internet magazine back issues.)

Visiting Gettysburg was always an inspiration for me.  For my last trip, I took my dog with me, here she is under a peach tree at the Peach Orchard.  (At this point, we knew the tumor in her chest was growing, so it was not a particularly energetic trip, but we still had a great time.)

Today I spent half the day chasing down an internet problem.  I did the usual immediate actions on my side, and called the tech support guy, telling them basically "the problem is on your end.  Here's what I did, and what I think is wrong."  The guy said "Yup, you've done what you can."  I got a call back late afternoon, "try again", and the problem persists. (The static IP that allows access to the websites I host isn't working.  I can use a DHCP address, so we can access the internet from home.  So that's OK for a day or so.)  

And I mostly finished the home office and library pick-up/put-away.  That's progress.  Now it's too hot to work in the attic, so tomorrow I'll head down to the basement where it's still cool.

Sunny to partly cloudy, highs in the low 70s, just as I like it!  This'll be a pick-up/put-away day for me, while i ponder next steps on the backdrop.  Rough scenery work can get really messy.

Craig, package tracking says the package was delivered today.

Incredibly well done!  What a contrast between the two sides of the building!  I like the trellis in the back yard with the vines, nice additional detail.

Well, it's 60 on its way to 73 here in SE NH, sunny.  Looks like a nice week all week.  (You literally couldn't pay me enough to live in Florida.)  

My backdrop project took a big step backwards when the mat board the photo backdrops were glued to warped.  So I removed the mat board from the wall (since it was peeling off anyway), misted the back, and set weights on it yesterday.  Today I'll see if that helped.  

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Sunday, June 9, 2024
June 09, 2024, 09:34:16 AM
Rain and cool this morning in SE NH.  They're claiming sun later this afternoon.  

Yesterday I worked on backdrops, installed one panel, and then couldn't get the other two to come together the way I wanted.  So I ordered two more panels.  So today I'll find something else to work on, along with the usual end-of-project (the second block of row houses) pick-up/put-away.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Friday, June 7th
June 07, 2024, 08:33:17 AM
Well, I'm here.  I finished the row houses yesterday, and will probably do some work on backdrops today.  

I just mailed Craig a set of Floquil paint chips along with a sample of "Holy" Driftwood stain.  It's been a while since I've looked at Driftwood. The pigment has a definite olive tint to it.  (I did not shake the bottle, so I could grab s smear of the pigment at full strength, and then thinned that down to stain to get a stain sample.) 

Now would you rather have Driftwood colored paint, and thin it yourself to a stain, or would you rather have it pre-mixed as a stain?

Quote from: ACL1504 on June 06, 2024, 08:11:05 AM...I'm in the train shed today. ...


Oohh!  It'll be good to see what comes next.

A photo from our trip to Normandy a couple years ago:

So Tom, any thoughts on the next A&S project?  

I'll continue working on the row houses.  Right now I'm sitting with the dogs while they move the propane tank.  If I go down to the train room while people are working outside, the dogs will go crazy barking.  

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