video update on the Morristown & Erie / Western division

Started by Erieman, November 13, 2023, 10:03:23 AM

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This is a link to a video update on my layout. Dale and his wife Karyn started Toy Man Television ten years ago. About nin years ago Dale took some video of my layout and posted it on his forum. This video opens with a portion of the layout back then. Recently Dale asked if i could send him some updated video. So here is about 14 minute of old and new, very new video of the layout. Currently i am working on installing LED lighting to many of the structures, especially in the major city. The video starts with scenes nine years go, then new video and then a final flashback to the old. 


Frank / Erieman


Hello Frank, what a nice video. It really puts a nice light on your layout.
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Tom Langford


Somebody has busy with his layout since last year.....looks like the 
high desert "King of Poo" hasn't lost his touch.  8)
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Looks great Frank...good to be reuniting back on the Forum.


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